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April 8, 2013 by joesonotheque

Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar presents


Hosted by DJ Joe Bryl

Wednesday, April 10 – 8PM-2AM – Free, No Cover

960 W. 31st Street, Chicago, IL. 60608 – 773.890.0588 –


The ECLECTIC LADYLAND monthly residency at Maria’s (960 W. 31st) is proud to announce a special listening event for the release of MUSIC FOR DANCEFLOORS: THE KPM MUSIC LIBRARY (Strut Records) on Wednesday, April 10. Eclectic Ladyland is an aural exploration into the wide reaches of recorded music showcasing the best in new releases and re-issues. This months residency/listening lounge will kick off @ 8PM with the listening party followed by the best in new recordings including little or never before heard of Soul, Funky 45’s, Jazz, New Grooves, Deep Funk, Brazil, Soundtracks, Latin, Global Grooves, Sound Library, French, House, Electronic, Psych and Rock.


This April, Strut reissues one of the early releases from its catalogue in a brand new Deluxe Edition. Music For Dancefloors is a varied journey through the archives of the fabled and historic KPM Music Library.


The phenomenon of the music library is unique, involving brilliant but anonymous composers and musicians creating short pieces of music to be made available for background use in film, television, and radio. The music wasn’t intended to be enjoyed in a home listening context, and in fact wasn’t available for commercial release at all, but the sheer quality of the playing and compositions resulted in the music finding an enthusiastic audience. Original promotional-only vinyl releases from KPM and other libraries of the 1960s and 70s (generally from print run of only 1,000 copies each) can now exchange hands for a small fortune.


During its heyday, many pieces recorded through KPM became perennial UK TV themes – long-running programs like “Grandstand,” “Mastermind” and “ITV News At Ten.” Tellingly, the KPM boss during this period, Robin Phillips, made a point of setting the bar high, bringing in the UK’s most talented young composers, arrangers and session players to the studios to ensure the highest quality music.


The quality has justifiably stood the test of time. In recent years, DJs and collectors have coveted volumes of the anonymous green label KPM LPs as a source for hard-to-find grooves and breaks, and KPM has become a well-mined source for hip-hop producers and music connoisseurs – Jay-Z, DOOM, Madlib and Guilty Simpson, Dangermouse and Action Bronson are among the many who have plundered KPM grooves. A KPM piece (Kieth Mansfield’s “Funky Fanfare”) even graces the opening of Quentin Tarantino’s film Kill Bill.


Compiled by ex-Jazz Cafe booker and DJ Adrian Gibson and Strut’s Quinton Scott‚ Music For Dancefloors was originally created as a series of albums in the early 2000s dedicated to mining the archives of the UK’s foremost music libraries. Volumes on Chappell music and Bosworth would follow in 2001 and 2002. This first installment mines the KPM reels for some of the most in-demand, funkiest and quirkiest pieces from the library. Some have become classics in their own right: Alan Parker’s ”That’s What Friends Are For” featuring Blue Mink’s Madeline Bell on vocals, Alan Hawkshaw’s stomping hammond groove “Senior Thump” (a precursor to his work as The Mohawks), and Keith Mansfield’s “Crash Course,” a driving jazz anthem. Elsewhere, the tracklist is peppered with oddities like Klaus Weiss’ incidental downtempo mood “Morning 1 / Morning 2” and Nascimbene’s “Witchdoctor,” a short tribal field recording.


This new edition features an exclusive bonus disc, which makes available for the first time the debut gig by the KPM All-Stars, bringing together many of KPM’s greatest composers for a unique night at London’s Jazz Cafe on 27th April 2000. A big band comprising original and contemporary KPM library musicians and writers, including Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield and James Clarke, perform the library’s best-loved TV themes and cult dancefloor classics for the first time anywhere since the original sessions. Within the set, Alan Hawkshaw plays the live debut of tracks from his album The Champ by The Mohawks including the fabled title track, as well as “Senior Thump’ and “Landscape.”


Music For Dancefloors: The KPM Music Library (Deluxe version) is released in three formats: 2CD (original studio recordings and live concert), 2LP featuring the original studio recordings and 2CD insert of the full CD content, and digital (original studio recordings and live concert). The album features the original sleeve notes by Charles Waring (Mojo magazine) alongside extra photos and memorabilia.




1. That’s What Friends Are For. Composed by Alan Parker. Vocals by Madeline Bell

2. Unlimited Love. Composed by Alan Parker

3. Funky Express. Composed by Duncan Lamont

4. Assault Course. Composed by Johnny Pearson

5. Samba Street. Composed by Barry Morgan and Ray Cooper

6. Second Cut. Composed by James Clarke

7. Swamp Fever. Composed by John Cameron

8. Reggae Train. Composed by William Farley and Dennis Bovell

9. Incidental Backcloth No. 9. Composed by Keith Mansfield

10. Cross Talk. Composed by Francis Coppieters

11. In Advance. Composed by P. Xanten. Performed by Pierre Lavin Pop Band

12. Senior Thump. Composed by Alan Hawkshaw

13. Expo In Tokyo. Composed by Alan Moorhouse

14. Nascimbene – Interlude: Witchdoctor

15. Jungle Baby. Composed by H. Ehrlinger. Performed by Juan Erlando & His Latin Band

16. Morning 1 / Morning 2. Composed by Klaus Weiss

17. Freeway To Rio. Composed by Les Baxter

18. Brazil Express. Composed by G. Callert. Performed by Juan Erlando & His Latin Band

19. Piano In Transit.Composed by Francis Coppieters

20. Crash Course.Composed by Keith Mansfield


CD 2




1. Keith Mansfield with KPM All Stars – Soul Thing

2. Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield with KPM All Stars – Theme from ‘Dave Allen At Large’

3. Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield with KPM All Stars – Beat Boutique

4. KPM All Stars – Swamp Fever

5. KPM All Stars – Unlimited Love

6. KPM All Stars feat. Emma Kershaw – That’s What Friends Are For

7. James Clarke with Steve Grey and KPM All Stars – Second Cut

8. Duncan Lamont with KPM All Stars – Funky Express

9. Alan Hawkshaw with KPM All Stars – Girl In A Sportscar

10. Alan Hawkshaw with KPM All Stars – Senior Thump

11. Alan Hawkshaw with KPM All Stars – Landscape

12. Alan Hawkshaw with Kirsty Hawkshaw and KPM All Stars – The Champ

13. Keith Mansfield with KPM All Stars – Crash Course

14. Keith Mansfield with KPM All Stars – UK Sports Theme Medley: Theme from ‘The Big Match’ / Theme from BBC Wimbledon Tennis / Theme from BBC Athletics / Theme from ‘Grandstand’


There is no cover for the event.STRUT106_cover


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