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December 17, 2012 by joesonotheque

Maria’s Package Goods & Community Bar presents
Wednesday January 9 – 8PM-2AM – Free, No Cover
Hosted by groove merchant extraordinaire Joe Bryl
960 W. 31st Street, Chicago, Il. 60608 – 773.890.0588 –

Song covers, then are a different species of intertextual activity than their literary counterparts, but the most engaging and
imaginative of them do not strive merely to pay tribute to and replicate beloved performances. Indeed, versions can serve as ways for skillful artists to develop and display distinctive styles and voice.

– Michael Awkward: Soul Covers – Rhythm and Blues Remakes and the
Struggle for Artistic Identity (Duke University Press)

From the earliest day of recording history, artists from the entire spectrum of popular music have re-interpreted and therefore
re-envisioned the song canon as pathways to both pay tribute and to personalize previous signature efforts. “Copy Cats: Music’s Wildest Soul & Funk Cover Versions & Reinterpretations” will explore some of the more obscure facets of re-workings and cover versions in popular music and how these re-readings communicate new and alternative ways to personalize and individualize signature.

For this month’s offering of COPY CATS (Wednesday, January 9) we will have particular focus on the musical diversity of artists covering the soul and funk canon and in turn those soul stirrers and funk brethren who paid homage to their peers and fore bearers with their own tributes and re-interpretations.

Hosted by Maria’s musical director and groove merchant specialist, DJ Joe Bryl, COPY CATS will unearth little heard before musical offerings that pay tribute to their forefathers original incarnations and beginnings. These inspirational re-creations rework, sometimes re-edit, reinterpret, or remix the originals by either closely mimicking the “Real McCoy” or by re-imagining a new and totally distinct version that sometimes bears little relationship to the original.

The form of the cover version is completely ingrained into the history of musical performance whether it be live or recorded. COPY CATS hopes to unearth and expose some of the hidden gems and over-looked treasures from around the globe.


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