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December 11, 2012 by joesonotheque

Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar presents
Sunday December 23 – 9PM – 2AM – Free/No Cover
DJs Arnold Lane (aka Joe Bryl) & Sgt. Pepper (aka Michael Latham)
960 W. 31st St., Chicago, IL 60608, 773-890-0588

With it’s nation basically untouched after the global carnage that devastated much of the world following WWII, the US found itself in a unique economic & political position, furthering allowing them to explicitly & implicitly dominate other countries. From the reconstructive policies of the Marshall Plan (1947 – 51) to the mass marketing ascendancy of Madison Avenue who overtly sold the American lifestyle (for a great depiction of this Cold War political divide one should look again at Billy Wilder’s mad-cap social satire “One, Two, Three” (1961) besides the more current “Mad Men”) the US hegemony relied on the marketing of wash machines, movies and automobiles as much as ideals on individualism & democracy.

This desire to mirror & emulate US culture saw a world-wide Americanization in everything from business practices, technology & language to popular cultural trends on changing hairstyles, clothing, graphic design and even rock and roll. From the time of the Berlin air-lift to the present, rock and roll was the hidden emissary selling the dream of the American way-of-life of endless growth, consumption & splendor (or rather in Guy Debord’s critique in his “Society of the Spectacle” of “the decline of being into having, and having into merely appearing”).

Thankfully for us nowadays, due to the passionate efforts of vinyl crate diggers & musical ethnographers, the hidden treasures of international rock and roll are coming to light. Besides the most recognizable replication & appropriation of rock and roll that hit our shores during the British Invasion, it now appears through these diligent efforts that no corner of the globe has remained untouched by the influence of American blues, rock, rhythm & blues, soul, jazz and funk.

To showcase this obscure musical landscape Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar is presenting “Rock Your World! – The Wildest & Weirdest Rock And Roll From Around The Globe” on Sun. Dec. 23 (9PM – 2AM). Hosted by groove merchants DJ Arnold Lane and Sgt. Pepper, the event will showcase the richness and diversity of the American beat and it’s various worldly musical manifestations. We will tap into the rich hidden musical vein from the South African Zulu-stomp of the A-Caps & the Gonks, the Bolivian go-go of Grupo Gog & Los Grillos, the Iranian garage psych of Golden Ring & the Littles, the Siamese Soul of Daw Bandon & Lam Yong to the Polish funk of Stan Boys & SBB, the Peruvian Latin rock of Los Saicos & the Ringers, the Brazilian Tropicalia of Mac Rybell & 14 Bis and the Argentine R&B of Los Jockers & the Shakers.

So get your passport in order for this rare cross-cultural voyage and mysterious musical passage to adventure of raw, organic, reverb-ripping rock and roll, scintillating soul & global grooves. Or as the Rolling Stones simply sung in 1974, “It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll (But I Like It)”.


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