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October 16, 2012 by joesonotheque

Maria’s Package Goods & Community Bar presents
SOUND & VISION – A monthly showcase of rare music videos
KRAFTWERK AND THE ELECTRONIC REVOLUTION screening: Sunday, November 25 – 7PM – Free, No Cover
Followed by a Kraftwerk DJ set featuring Krautrock sound specialists DJ Michael Latham
Curated by Maria’s music director Joe Bryl
960 W. 31st Street, Chicago, Il. 60608 – 773.890.0588 –

On Sunday, November 25, Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar (960 W. 31st) is continuing its special monthly showcase of rare videos and music titled SOUND & VISION. Curated by Maria’s musical director Joe Bryl (of Sonotheque fame), SOUND & VISION will feature rare musical DVDs from around the world followed by a thematically related DJ set by one of Chicago’s premier sound specialists and historians.

For this months event we will be screening KRAFTWERK and the ELECTRONIC REVOLUTION a 2008 documentary of the seminal German electronic band, its influence over the past 40 plus years and a cine-essay on the progressive Krautrock movement. As innovative as they are influential, Kraftwerk’s contribution to the development of electronic music is incalcuable. This bizarre collective have also proven partly responsible for entire genres to emerge – electronica, techno and synth-pop to name but three. This film reviews the career and music of Kraftwerk, from their inception. The film further explores how Kraftwerk both fitted in and pulled away from the electronic wing of what is often lazily referred to as ‘Krautrock’.

Sparing time also for many of the groups’ contemporaries from the same field, and tracing the unfolding of electronics in German contemporary music generally, this programme presents a fascinating story previously untold on film. Includes exclusive and extensive interviews with ex – Kraftwerk members Karl Bartos and Klaus Röder; other German ambient and electronic musicians, Dieter Moebius [Kluster/Harmonia], Hans Joachim Roedelius [Kluster/Harmonia], Klaus Schulze [Tangerine Dreams/ Ash Ra Tempel /Solo], Wolfgang Siedel [Eruption/Tangerine Dream/ Kluster], Conrad Shnitzler [Kluster/ Solo] and Klaus Löhmer [engineer, Kraftwerk album] Plus live and studio recordings of many of Kraftwerk’s pivotal tracks, including; Ruckzuck, Kling Klang, Autobahn, Antenna, Radio-Activity, Trans Europe Express, Computer Love, The Robots, The Model, Metropolis, Pocket Calculator and many others. Alsom includes live and studio recordings of many other bands form the ‘Krautrock’ movement.

For fans of Krautrock, drone, ambient, and electronic music, Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution is a fascinating history of how some of the most influential music of our times emerged from the boredom and hopelessness of 1960s Germany. The filmmakers take the subtitle of their movie very seriously, and they want to crawl back to find the Big Bang of cultural influences that would make something as innovative as Kraftwerk possible.

– Critic Jamie S. Rich/DVD Talk

The 7PM screening will be followed by a Kraftwerk/Krautrock DJ set by German musicologist and avid record collector Michael Latham. Michael Latham is a Germanist, cultural historian, and record collector. He has taught courses in literature, media aesthetics, film, visual culture and popular music at the University of Michigan, Bowling Green State University and the University of Chicago.  He currently teaches at Roosevelt University.


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