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September 24, 2012 by joesonotheque

Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar presents
Featuring Groove Merchant  & Zazous Joe Bryl
Friday September 28 – 8PM-2AM – Free, No Cover
960 W. 31st Street, Chicago, Il. 60608 – 773.890.0588 –

Like other popular musical forms, Disco has it’s fervent fans and
belligerent naysayers. Before its quick rise towards the
mainstream in the seventies with chart topping hits like “Rock The
Boat” (Hues Corporation) and Giorgio Moroder’s opulent production for
“Love To Love You Baby” (Donna Summer) Disco found its early audience
in out-of-the-way destinations where an emerging subculture of gays,
blacks, Latinos and artists found both safety and a sense of
community. In these hidden haunts the deejays reigned supreme creating
extended versions and remixes, keeping the party going to the early
hours of the morning and the crowd enraptured in a sweaty bacchanal of
cathartic ecstasy. Like anarchic Dadaist collagists, these musical
taste makers and sound shifters (David Mancusco, Larry Levan, Tom
Moulton) reconstructed, enlarged and altered the basic structure of
songs ripping to shreds both melody and beat, pasting and layering one
sound over another while repeating and ultimately distorting the
essential break.

In Chicago, the Disco scene followed its own peculiar trajectory with
the emergence of House in similarly underground venues like those in
New York. Off-the-map destinations like the Muzic Box, the Power
Plant, AKA Nite Club and the Warehouse grew by word-of-mouth, d.i.y.
flyers and postings in various record stores that specialized in 12
inch singles and imports. Burgeoning yet influential labels like Trax
and DJ crews like the Hot Mix 5 spread the gospel of both Disco and
House with its use of early synthesizers, effects machines and loops.
Word spread quickly overseas and records exchanged hands between
beat-makers in Chicago, London and Manchester with the massive Acid
House dance scene in the UK creating its own culture. Similar
sound-clashes and offshoots found expression worldwide from Detroit
(Techno), Ibiza, Italy (Euro-Disco), Paris, Soweto, Rio and Tokyo.
Even now with the help of dedicated musicologists, we are slowly
discovering strange musical mutations and manifestations of Disco in
areas as unlikely as Lagos, Columbia and Turkey.

To pay tribute to these undercurrents of Disco, Maria’s Packaged Goods
& Community Bar is beginning a new monthly residency titled “SECRET
DISCO” on Friday, September 28 (and every following 4th Friday).
Headed by groove merchant and deep crate diggin’ DJ Joe Bryl “SECRET
DISCO” will bring to light the varied tones, textures and hidden
histories of Disco from its roots in both funk, atmospheric
electronics, sweaty soul and minimal microbeats. This nighttime
journey will give equal exposure to both the seminal creators of the
master plan and to the undiscovered and unsung heroes who’s story is
still to be told.

The evening kicks off steady at 8PM and continues hitting heavy until
2AM. There is no cover for the voyage.


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