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August 28, 2012 by joesonotheque

Maria’s Package Goods & Community Bar presents
Wednesday September 12 – 8PM-2AM – Free, No Cover
Hosted by groove merchant extraordinaire Joe Bryl
960 W. 31st Street, Chicago, Il. 60608 – 773.890.0588 –

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”
Charles Caleb Colton: “Lacon: or, Many things in few words” (1820)

Original Scene: “A Merry Chase” (1899) vaudeville routine featuring
The Lyman Twins

Incorrectly attributed by Variety Magazine to the Schwartz Brothers
circa 1912 (13 years after the Lyman Twins introduced it) “The Merry
Chase” routine involved the twins, dressed alike, facing each other in
what appeared to be a mirror, moving in unison and giving the illusion
that one was the other’s reflection.

Scene 1: Reinterpretation from “The Floorwalker” (1916) Directed by
Charlie Chaplin

In this 2 reel Mutual Film Corporation 24 minute short (Chaplin’s
first for the company), the Tramp creates chaos in a department store
and gets entangled in a scheme by the store manager (Eric Campbell)
and the store’s floorwalker (future director of 1933’s musical “42nd
Street”, Lloyd Bacon) to embezzle money. Chaplin stumbles into
opposite doors of an office with Lloyd Bacon and mirror each other’s
movements with comic effect.

Scene 2: Reinterpretation from “Seven Years Bad Luck” (1921) Directed
by Max Linder

Playing himself in this French silent feature, Max Linder’s servant
breaks a mirror while fooling with the maid and tries to cover his
mistake by having the chef trying to pretend to be his master’s

Scene 3: Reinterpretation from “Duck Soup” (1933) Directed by Leo McCarey

Pinky (Harpo Marx) panics in the midst of burglarizing Freedonia’s war
plans and sets off a blaring radio; waking up new leader Rufus T.
Firefly (Groucho Marx). Pinky tries to flee and dashes into a large
standing mirror which shatters. Masquerading as Firefly, Pinky acts as
Firefly’s reflection and mimics his every action until he is exposed
and arrested.

Popular music, whether it be Frank Sinatra’s recordings of Cole
Porter’s classics, American Idol contestants belting out Motown or the
neighborhood bar cover band doing their best Ozzy Osbourne imitation,
often looks to the past to either cover those composers that were
instrumental to their own development or pay tribute to bands or
artists with renditions of their own. Like the films listed above,
these musical testaments take upon themselves what cultural historian
Hillel Schwartz investigates in his “The Culture of the Copy: Striking
Likenesses, Unreasonable Facsimiles” (MIT Press, 1988) the varieties
of simulacra and the mechanical reproduction throughout time. His
intriguing analysis of the often sought for “Real McCoy” (the original
source) asks fundamental questions on the repercussions and
entanglements on copies of all kind ranging from counterfeits, decoys,
mannequins, cloning, parrots, photocopies, wax museums, art forgeries,
doppelgangers, digital sampling and vocal impressionists.

“Copy Cats: Music’s Wildest Cover Versions & Reinterpretations” will
explore some of the more obscure facets of re-workings and cover
versions in popular music. Hosted by Maria’s musical director and
groove merchant specialist, DJ Joe Bryl’s “Cool Cats” will unearth
little heard before musical offerings that pay tribute to their
forefathers original incarnations and beginnings. These inspirational
re-creations rework, sometimes re-edit, reinterpret, or remix the
originals by either closely mimicking the “Real McCoy” or by
re-imagining a new and totally distinct version that sometimes bears
little relationship to the original.

The form of the cover version is completely engrained into the history
of musical performance whether it be live or recorded. “Cool Cats”
hopes to unearth and expose some of the hidden gems and over-looked
treasures from around the globe. Listed here is a small indication of
the musical offerings that “Cool Cats” will cover:

Veit Marvos Red Point Orchestra – Family Affair (original Sly Stone)
Peanut Butter Wolf – Umbrellas (original the Free Design)
Rogerio Duprat – Judy In Disguise (original the Beatles)
Dakaris – Up Side Down (original Fela Kuti)
Rabbits & Carrots – Spill the Wine (original Eric Burdon)
Sweet Caterina – Com’e Buia La Citta (original Bill Withers)
Charanga 76 – Good Times (original Chic)
Daz-I-Kue – We Are Family (original Sister Sledge)
The Originals Orchestra – Hip Hug-Her (original Booker T. & the MG’s)
The Two Things In One – I Was Made to Love Her (original Stevie Wonder)
Birds ‘N’ Brass – American Woman (original Guess Who)
Willie Mitchell – Sunshine of Your Love (original Cream)
The Dynamics – For the Love of Money (original O’Jays)
The Baker Brothers – Lady Day And John Coltrane (original Gil Scott-Heron)
Banda Brasileira – Smooth Operator (original Sade)
Ride – European Son (original The Velvet Underground)
Eric Winstone & His Orchestra – Goldfinger (original John Barry)
Spies Who Surf – Hocus Pocus (original Focus)
Armando Peraza – Wild Thing (original the Troggs)
Maranata – If You Leave Me Now (original Chicago)
Primal Scream – Slip Inside This House (original Roky Erickson)
Salome de Bahia – Taj Mahal (original Jorge Ben)
Flaming Lips – After the Goldrush (original Neil Young)
Eddie Harris – Gimme Some Lovin’ (original Spencer Davis Group)
Ken Booth – Is It Because I’m Black? (original Syl Johnson)
The Reegs – See My Friends (original the Kinks)
Gugliermo Pagnozzi & Voodoo Sound Club – Voodoo Strange Fruit
(original Billie Holiday)
Dr. Phibes – 2,000 Light Years From Home (original the Rolling Stones)
Cesar’s Salad – Manteca (original Dizzy Gillespie)
Ebony Rhythm Band – Light My Fire (original The Doors)

Festivities begin at 8PM and continue until 2AM. There is no cover for
this evening of only covers.


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